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Product Development
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Specializing in product development, ERlifescience’s team brings together creativity and technical expertise to deliver superior products. We work closely with our manufacturing partners to innovate and bring you the latest and greatest goods in the market.

Factory workers are producing masks for


With over 60 years of combined experience in consumer products, we have built a network of relationships worldwide, allowing us to source and deliver COVID-19 related essentials to government agencies, hospitals, schools, and retail partners.

Our sourcing management service ensures that sourcing arrangements are executed to maximize their value. Our consultants help manage the transition to new sourcing arrangements, establish service and supplier management organizations and conduct customer satisfaction reviews.

Our Services: About Us
Our Services: About Us


ERlifescience provides inventory warehousing, distribution, crossdocking, pick and pack, supply chain management, drop ship and back office solutions. We offer strategically located distribution centers across the US, and pride ourselves on delivering value on time.


  • Customs Clearance Navigation

  • Warehouse Management Systems

  • E-Commerce Fulfillment

  • Pick & Pack

  • Repackaging


Safety Standards

Our commitment to quality and safety shines through in all that we do. We partner with the FDA and EPA to ensure proper registration and certification for applicable product categories. Our factories have also been thoroughly vetted and meet the highest standards.

We also work with industry-standard laboratories and third party certification organizations to ensure our products go through rigorous testing before reaching the customer. 

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